Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Show 079 Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy and Agoraphobia

Rollercoasters, Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy and Agoraphobia are somehow interrelated in this episode. I have to say the real world is far more interesting that what can be conjured up virtually but it does have potential as a treatment option.

I forgot mention in in the show but if you would like to see what a therapeutic game looks like you could check out Itsy, you have to play and meet challenges with a virtual spider.

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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Show 078.5 Sometimes It Doesn't Work Out

Life is unpredictable. You try to keep the bad things from happening and you can't.

You chug along, try your best but one day the roof leaks, the water heater is rumbling, people try to tap you for cash and all you want is for folks to give you space.

And they freaking will not do that.

So. This is where we are.

My current reality is not that bad. After seven years of faithful service my hard drive is going to meet the Gipper. I'm typing on chicklets and you can only record 90 seconds in MS One Note. Good quality but limited. Just means I've got a bunch of stuff for next week.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Show 078 - Escalators and Stress Management Tips

In this week's show you can learn a lot from an escalator. Like don't wear a maxi skirt and clogs that are too big for you. Or perhaps you can glean some wisdom from not being so hot to trot.

And speaking of trotting, perhaps it is time to review some stress and relaxation tips and resources.

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